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1 Cupcake Soap * 1 Bath and Body Oil * 1 Lip Balm * 1 Lip Gloss *1 Catalog
1 Business Card Design – (printing will be the responsibility of yours)
1 Custom Facebook Cover * 5 Customer Order Slips
1 Essynce Couture Tote Bag.​

**Additional items are available for purchase**


* Styles and colors may vary.

In addition, there is a $15.00 per month membership fee for ALL of our Essynce Reps that includes:


  • Virtual Training Sessions (will vary per week)

  • Website earning capabilities – we track your orders, update the website designs, and maintain the website for you.


Club Membership


  • 25% discount on cash and carry Wynk Body Products (minimum of 5 items)

​            -Description:  Products purchased wholesale

  • 20% commission on Wynk Body Products sells purchased via web, catalog, and/or via phone by your clients or yourself​

  • 20% commission on Essynce Couture Upscale Clothing sells

  •  Credit Card Processing for FREE  - No need for a merchant account

  •  Access to Online Resources – resources on - Rep LogIn page



  • ALL kids and their parents/guardians are required to read and sign our Essynce Couture Kid Reps contract.

  • The child(ren)’s parent/guardian will be responsible for setting up a Paypal account to receive any payments from Essynce Couture.

  • Essynce Couture requires a $25.00 minimum per month for orders from all of its Essynce Reps to stay in compliance with our terms and conditions, unless the club membership will be voided

  • Essynce Couture Reps are able to earn UNLIMITED quarterly incentives based on their sales (i.e. cash, products, gifts, etc)  -Orders must be at least $100.00 for the month to receive an incentive.  The incentive’s choice is at the determination of Essynce Couture.



(Named after Essynce’s pets):





If an Essynce Rep sells $750.00 per month or more he/she will earn a 25% commission on our Wynk Body Products and UPSCALE clothing personal sales.

If an Essynce Rep sells $500.00 per month he/she will earn a 22% commission on our Wynk Body Products and UPSCALE clothing personal sales.

If an Essynce Rep sells $100.00 per month he/she will receive an incentive selected by Essynce Couture's staff.

If an active Essynce Rep refers a friend or family member and they sign up as an Essynce Rep, the active rep's $15.00 monthly membership fee will be waived for the following month. (one time only/per referral)

Orders can be submitted via fax, e-mail or for your convenience via phone.  However, all orders must be submitted with the approval of the parent/guardian on file and they must be in attendance when submitting an order.  If the order is being submitted via our order forms, there will be a cross check on the signature we keep on file and it must match for the order to be completed.  If for some reason someone else is submitting the order, please contact Essynce Couture.

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