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    We are interested in providing children inspiration and an opportunity to learn independence and make money on their own, while having FUN.  Joining the Essynce Couture team will allow us to educate your child(ren) with real life strategies such as:  responsibilities, real life experiences, money management, saving for college and so much more.

    Every child deserves a chance to be educated, dream BIG, and have goals in life…Let them start NOW!

    Our Essynce Rep's program is offered to children, tweens, and teens ages 5-17.  The children must have a parent/guardian to support them with their Essynce Couture business endeavor, both children/adults should be available for virtual training sessions, and EVERYONE should love to have FUN!!

    What are you waiting for, purchase your EssynceTastic Starter Kit TODAY, it’s time to make MONEY!!


*Flexibility Awaits You and this program is child(ren) APPROVED*


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