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     If interested in carrying the Essynce Couture brand at your store and/or boutique, please contact us. All stores and boutiques that carry the Essynce Couture brand will be listed below. Thanks in advance for your support.

STAY TUNED for more locations!!!


The Middle School Chronicles Series are available via:






Barnes and Noble:



The Middle School Chronicles Series are in the following schools/libraries:


  • WOK - Hillside, NJ

  • The Queen City Academy - Plainfield, NJ

  • Burch Charter School, Irvington, NJ

  • Hillside Public Library, Hillside NJ

  • Orange Public Library, Orange NJ

  • New Orleans Public School(s)

  • Bronx NY Charter School(s)

  • Brooklyn NY Public School(s)

  • Orange NJ Public School(s)

  • and more!!!

Contact us TODAY to have the Middle School Chronicles book(s) in your schools...



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