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>>Essynce FEATURED on 

Black News Channel


July, 2020



>>Essynce FEATURED on 

CBS News


January, 2019



>>Essynce is the NEW face for the

NATIONAL Clean & Clear



November, 2018



>>Essynce FEATURED on



February, 2018



>>Essynce FEATURED on

Black Enterprise


September, 2017



>>Essynce FEATURED on

Our Weekly -Los Angeles


September, 2017



>>Essynce FEATURED on

Touchfm Boston


September, 2017



>>Essynce FEATURED on

Touchfm Boston


September, 2017



>>Essynce FEATURED in


September 21, 2017



>>Essynce FEATURED in

Epoch Times


July 14, 2016



>>Essynce is 

Black Enterprise's 

2016 Teenpreneur

of the Year


July 10, 2016



>>Essynce FEATURED on


January 21, 2016



>>Essynce's 2015 Proclamation and Award by the State of New Jersey - Assemblyman and Senate



>>Essynce FEATURED in

The Record NewsPaper



>>Essynce has opened a Spa and Boutique EXCLUSIVELY for Children, Tweens, and Teens


71 Market Street

Passaic NJ  07055

# 973-859-0123



>>Essynce is doing a Book Signing Tour.  McDonald's - Quintana Organization is one of our sponsors.  Check our events page for detailed information.



>>Essynce being interviewed by Gabrielle of eXcel

at the

YES Conference for girl Entreprenuers.

November 1, 2014


>>Essynce Couture SHOWCASED its 2015 Spring/Fall "Educated Punk" Collection


SBFW - 2014 New York Fashion Week


>>Jeff Foxx from WBLS fm interviewing Essynce at New York "small boutique" Fashion Week on 9/6/14 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.




Tweenpreneur Fashion Stylist Essynce Moore 

Tween Fashion Mogul Essynce Couture will style you but you will need a little more than your weekly allowance.


Helena: You just wrapped up your first Essynce Couture University Conference (ECU). Tell us about the event, how did it go?


Essynce: It was very exciting. It was interesting because the kids got to see more of what I do and the meaning of it. And I think it’s a bit more fun now, because any time I say ECU, everybody knows what it means.


Helena: Can you walk us through the Candyland theme of the conference, as a participant?


Essynce: When you walk through the door, you’d see Candyland inspired decorations. One of the things that was really fun was the candy table that had all kinds of candy on it that people couldn’t wait to get such as Twizzlers, M&M’s, Skittles, Starbursts, gum, ice cream and just a whole bunch of things that we have to brush our teeth after we eat.

Tween Fashion Mogul Essynce Couture

discusses her business...


Helena: Essynce, tell us about yourself. How old are you? What grade are you in? What inspires you?


Essynce: I am eleven; I'll be twelve in August. I'm in the sixth grade, so it's my first year of middle school. And what inspires me to design is it's leading me to somewhere important, it's leading me where I want to be.


Helena: Can you tell us a little about how you got started?


Essynce: Well, I started designing when I was six. At first, it was just little stuff, like it was drawing on lined notebook paper. And my mom noticed that I was doing pretty good at it, I was doing it frequently, so she started getting me books for Christmas, and she realized I wanted to take it more seriously. So when I was about ten my mom asked if I wanted to make it a business and I said yes.

>>Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated - PI Theta Omega Chapter

Awards Essynce

The 2014 Emerging Young Leaders Initiative Award




Essynce Moore has loved clothes for as long as she can remember. When she was 6, she began drawing designs in notebooks. Four years later, with the help of her mom, Essynce launched her own kids’ clothing line, Essynce Couture. The sixth grader designs each piece of clothing, buys the fabric, and then sends it off to a tailor to be sewn together. “It’s really fun to see it all come off the paper,” she says.

Essynce sells her designs through her website. She hopes to inspire other kids to pursue their dreams. “A lot of people think, ‘When I grow up, I want to be . . .’” she says. “Well, why not start now?” Watch this video to learn more about Essynce. (Reporting by Abby Abrams / Videography and editing by Stephanie Kraus) 

Meet Essynce Moore, she is a 10 year old Mogul. Her company is Essynce Couture, LLC. She is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Essence has been designing clothes since she was 6 years old with the help and support of her family. Essynce has launched her clothing line in January of 2013.

She is in the process of making her dreams become reality, she wants to make clothes for her peers to be able to feel good about themselves. She is definitely a Girl of Greatness.

From Girls to Greatness

New Jersey (January 2, 2013) -- Essynce Couture, LLC announces the Photo Shoot Launch Party where children will take photos in some of Essynce Couture's Designs and learn about entrepreneurship, the exclusive purveyor of the unique fashions of Essynce Moore. (

Essynce Moore has been seen on Uncle Majic the Hip Hop Magician's Commercial, Bored to Death on HBO, and she has been in numerous Fashion Shows and Pageants. This 10 year old entrepreneur, fashionista, "local" celebrity, actress, and motivational speaker phenomenon is branding herself onto the fashion and TV scenes. Since then, Essynce Moore has become a trendsetter in her school, amongst her peers, and capturing the attention of children everywhere.

Essynce Moore, who has been designing clothes since 6 years old as a hobby at first is now focusing on fashion as a business, and her inventions will include clothes for children, a body product line for children and maybe accessories in the near future. She has been buzzing on her social websites via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Essynce Couture, LLC finds education very important; therefore they will allow children to upload their certificates, report cards, and other rewards to one of the social sites. In return and as kudos some children will receive an Essynce Couture incentive for their good hard work.

Essynce Couture clothing collection has carved out a niche in the fashion industry because the line is designed by a child, for children, with ONLY children in mind. The clothing is recognized for its unique styles that are colorful, fun, and made exclusively for children. .

The piece irresistible of the collection is Essynce Couture's signature business wear for children and her geekly chicly line. This gives children the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner at meetings, speaking engagements, and events.

Each piece in Essynce Couture's collection is crafted by hand, often with sketches or embroidery. Despite these meticulous details, the fashions sell at lower prices than those of competitors.

Founded in 2012, Essynce Couture, LLC will be having a Photo Shoot Launch Party where children will take pictures in some of the new designs and learn about entrepreneurship. Website coming soon and sponsors/investors are welcomed.


Essynce Couture, LLC is one of the 1st children’s clothing lines designed by a child with “education” in mind. We focus on styling our clothes to compliment all sizes, races, and colors of all children around the world. In addition, we offer great incentives through our Essynce Couture membership program to the children who support Essynce Couture, LLC by allowing them the opportunity to show and prove via a social network site.

Mini-diva Essynce Moore has done more in her short life than many people will do in a lifetime! At the age of 10, she is already a fashion designer, entrepreneur, actress and motivational speaker with a very bright future. Born in Newark and raised in Hillside, Essynce has been seen in commercials (Uncle Majic the Hip Hop Magician), television shows (HBO’s Bored to Death) and numerous fashion shows and pageants. But now, her focus is fashion! Essynce, who began designing clothes at the age of six, is set to officially launch her brand, Essynce Couture, at a Photo Shoot Launch Party on Saturday, January 26 at the Majesty Ballroom in Montclair. The Photo Shoot Launch Party has been designed as an exclusive event for children who love fashion! For a cost of just $10 at the door, attendees will have the opportunity to take photos in Essynce Couture Designs, network with other like-minded kids and learn about entrepreneurship. Individuals and businesses that wish to support Essynce’s mission may also register as a sponsor by visiting Keep your eye on Little Miss Essynce, she’s one to watch!.

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